The Benefits of Starting a Niche Recruiting & Staffing Agency Business can be very rewarding! This emerging industry is really becoming one of the most sought after start-up entrepreneurial opportunities today. Why? Well, let’s see:

– This is a growing $126.8B industry so there is lots of room earn $$$ fast.
– You get to work from home or in an office. You have the ability to own your own schedule and don’t have to answer to anyone.
– Low start-up costs and low overhead.
– You can make $500,000 – $1,000,000+ within your first year of business.
– You are giving back and flourishing the world’s global economic system by being a small business and helping other businesses find employees.
– You get to impact people’s lives every day by assisting them with finding employment.

Now, I know you are wondering how you can make $500,000 – $1,000,000+ within your first year of business, so let me show you how:

Direct Hire/Permanent Placement (Your Bottom Line Income):

– You find a job for someone “the candidate” who will be making $80,000 per year in salary.
– You charge the company 20% of the candidate’s $80,000 salary.
– You receive a check for $16,000 within 30-90 days.

Note: If you do that once a month for 12 months (using those numbers) you would have made $192,000.00 in your first year of business just finding employment for one person a month for 12 months.
Contract/Contract-to-Hire/Temporary Placement (Your Residual Income):

– The company/Employer is looking to pay you $70.00/hr to find a temp or fill a contract job.
– You find the temp/contractor/candidate and pay them $42.00/hr + pays insurance benefits etc.
– You make $28.00 per hour for every hour your candidate works.
– So, if your candidate works a 40-hour work week, your check is $1,120.00 every week.

Note: If you keep five candidates working for 12 months (using those numbers) you would have made $5,600.00 per week and $291,200.00 in your first year of business just keeping five people employed for a year.

Guess what? You just earned $483,200.00 in your first year of business. Could you use $483,200.00? Are you currently making $483,200.00 per year?

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