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The Last Q&A Call of 2016!

by Dee Williams • December 28, 2016

When you’re a part of a community of 600+ professionals who are starting and growing a niche’ recruitment and staffing agency business, there is one thing that must take place at the end of the year. Here at Staffingpreneurs Academy we have a tradition. We meet on the very last Friday of the year to […]

The Benefits of Starting a Niche Recruiting & Staffing Agency Business

by Dee Williams • December 22, 2016

The Benefits of Starting a Niche Recruiting & Staffing Agency Business can be very rewarding! This emerging industry is really becoming one of the most sought after start-up entrepreneurial opportunities today. Why? Well, let’s see: – This is a growing $126.8B industry so there is lots of room earn $$$ fast. – You get to […]

What To Avoid When Starting A Home Based Recruiting & Staffing Agency Business

by Dee Williams • November 21, 2016

Starting a home-based recruiting & staffing business venture is an exciting time, but there are specific aspects you have to be careful to avoid. It can be a hectic time getting a home-based recruiting & staffing business up and running, especially if you are new to the industry. While it is important to begin marketing […]

Why Consultants & Contractors Should Start A Niche Employment Recruiting & Staffing Business

by Dee Williams • September 13, 2016

Starting any business can be tough, but as a consultant or contractor, making the move to becoming a Staffingpreneur can be rewarding for an entrepreneur that possesses expertise in a specific niche or area. Why Should A Consultant Become A Staffingpreneur? If you’re currently a consultant or contractor servicing a specific niche, starting your very […]

There are many different types of Entrepreneurs out there…

by Dee Williams • August 16, 2016

Review the list and feel free to comment below! Entrepreneur – this is the traditional risk taker that sees the path they are forging as less risky than working for somebody else doing something that isn’t interesting, isn’t rewarding, or may conflict with their values. If you’re trying to make it big as an entrepreneur, […]

Why most job seekers don’t have skills employers want

by Dee Williams • May 10, 2016

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) Wanted: Americans with coding skills. That’s the message from hundreds of companies today. Right now, there are 5.4 million job openings in the United States, near a record high. There’s also a large number of people – 8 million Americans – who are are out of work and hunting for jobs. So […]

4 U.S. governors on jobs: 30,000 technology jobs open, not enough workers

by Dee Williams • May 9, 2016

America’s governors – one a former presidential candidate – share at least one major concern: lack of skilled workers to do the job. “My number one problem in my state is workforce,” Republican Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin said at the Milken Global Conference in Los Angeles. “My big problem is how to fill those […]

Three Tips For Starting A Successful Home Based Recruiting Business

by Dee Williams • April 10, 2016

It seems that everywhere you look, someone has a foolproof plan to offer you, to starting a successful home based recruiting business. Most of them sound quite promising, and many of them guarantee ease throughout the entire process of establishing a successful home based recruiting business. Although running a successful home based recruiting business may […]

Ever Wondered How Executive Search Firms Work?

by Dee Williams • January 2, 2016

Top talent all over the world are being approached about jobs that they didn’t know existed and by companies, they’ve never heard of. Learn how executive search firms work. I got approached a few weeks ago about a job that I didn’t know existed and by a company I hadn’t heard of before. What was […]

What Are Some Key Legal Aspects Of Starting A Recruiting & Staffing Agency Business?

by Dee Williams • December 19, 2015

When starting up a recruiting and staffing agency business, there is a lot to consider, from hiring your own staff to how to cut costs in your advertising (which can be done at but most importantly there are some important legal matters that you’ll have to deal with, no matter how much you’d love […]