For Computer & Technical Training Facilities:

“High hires and high job openings. Industries with a high hires rate and a high job openings rate in 2014 were professional and business services and accommodation and food services. The simultaneous high rates indicate that, in spite of strong hiring, even more employees are needed.

The professional and business services sector comprises services such as legal, accounting, architecture, engineering, computer, and temporary help agencies. The professional and business services industry is considered by economists to act as an early warning sign of an upcoming recession or as an early indicator of recovery. At the beginning of a recovery, when employers need more workers but are not ready to commit to hiring new staff, they may hire temporary workers. Employment services—which includes temporary help firms—was about 18 percent of professional and business services employment in 2014. Average monthly employment in 2014 in employment services was 38 percent higher than in 2009, which is when the recession ended. With employment of over 19 million and a high job openings rate, the professional and business services industry provides vast opportunities for jobseekers.” According the the Bureau of Labor Statistics Report January 2016.

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