Government Contracts for Staffing Agencies: TotalGov Setup Solutions – Done For You (DFY)


Elevate your staffing agency’s potential and diversify your revenue streams by tapping into the lucrative world of government contracting.

With TotalGov Setup Solutions, you’ll experience a seamless integration into the realm of federal, state, and local government contracts.

Our end-to-end service model does all the heavy lifting for you. From registering your business with essential entities like the SBA and obtaining vital codes, to crafting compelling capability statements, and ensuring your firm’s presence in pivotal databases—we manage it all. Moreover, we offer specialized certification consultations, spanning from MBE to WBENC, unlocking further doors of opportunity.

🚀 Why Choose TotalGov Setup Solutions?

  • Hands-Free Process: We handle every detail. Your main role? Attend weekly meetings and have relevant documentation at hand. It’s that simple!
  • Time Savings: Free yourself from daunting application processes, documentation, and registrations. Focus on what you do best, while we navigate the bureaucratic maze for you.
  • Expertise & Excellence: With a rich legacy of success, we ensure your agency not only meets but exceeds government contracting prerequisites.

In essence, with TotalGov Setup Solutions, you’re not just purchasing a service—you’re investing in a brighter, more lucrative future for your staffing agency. Let us streamline your journey into government contracting while you continue to excel in your primary business operations. Dive into the vast ocean of government contracts, effortlessly and confidently, with us by your side.


For the ambitious Staffingpreneur, the vast world of government contracting awaits. But where does one start? Enter TotalGov Setup Solutions, your all-encompassing gateway to unlocking the treasures of government contracts.

Your Federal Government Journey: 🏛️

  • Registrations Made Simple: From the foundational SBA registration to SAM, we pave your path. Add in NAICS code acquisition and entity identifiers like UEI & CAGE code, and you’re set to go.
  • Showcase Your Strengths: Our Capability Statement Development and Past Performance Documentation ensures your agency stands out in a crowd.
  • Contracts & Opportunities: Seamless Contract Registration Assistance and strategic matchmaking with contract opportunities.
  • Project Management Mastery: Dive into best practices, ensuring impeccable contract delivery.

State & Local Government Avenues: 🌇

  • Licensing & Registrations: Secure state business licenses and position yourself as an approved vendor/supplier.
  • Certifications & Databases: Boost your profile with state certifications and register on crucial contract databases.
  • Local Exploration: Engage with cities, counties, school districts, and more, opening up unparalleled opportunities.

Certification Excellence: 🌟

  • Diverse Certifications: Whether it’s MBE, 8(a), HUBZone, WOSB/EDWOSB, or specialized certifications like LGBTBE and Disability-Owned, we have your back.
  • Veteran & LGBT: Specialized consulting for both veteran and LGBT-owned businesses, making the certification process a breeze.
  • SBA Consultations: From DSBS Registration to the All Small Mentor-Protégé Program, make the most of SBA’s offerings.

WBENC Consulting: 💃

  • Registration & Application: Streamline your WBENC registration, get your ID number, and navigate the certification application with our expert guidance.
  • On-Site Reviews & Certification: Prepare effectively for on-site verifications and ensure you maintain your valued certification annually.
  • Networking & Opportunities: Gain access to WBENC’s Corporate Members, apply for scholarships, and integrate with Regional Partner Organizations.
  • GSA Schedule Mastery: Venture into GSA Schedule contracts, making selling staffing services to government entities easier than ever.

Why TotalGov Setup Solutions? 🏆

  • Holistic Approach: From registration to consultation, our 360° services cover every nook and cranny of government contracting.
  • Specialized Expertise: Our seasoned team is equipped with the know-how, to ensure your journey is smooth and productive.
  • Time & Cost Efficiency: Navigate the complex world of government contracting without unnecessary detours or expenses.

In today’s competitive landscape, your staffing agency deserves every edge it can get. Don’t just aim for growth; aim for explosive, sustainable growth with “Government Contracts for Staffing Agencies: TotalGov Setup Solutions“. Dive in, the future beckons! 🌐🚀💼

Here’s EXACTLY what you’ll receive:

1. FedGovContract Ready Solutions – Federal Government Contracting Services: 🏛️

  • SBA Registration: Assistance in registering your business with the Small Business Administration, a foundational step in accessing government contracts.
  • NAICS Code Acquisition: Expert guidance in obtaining the correct North American Industry Classification System code for your business.
  • SAM & UEI Registration: Streamlined support in registering your business in the System for Award Management and in acquiring a Unique Entity Identifier.
  • CAGE Code Assistance: Help in acquiring a Commercial and Government Entity code, essential for doing business with the Department of Defense.
  • Capability Statement Development: Work hand-in-hand with experts to craft statements that spotlight your agency’s experience, skills, and readiness for government contracts.
  • Past Performance Documentation: Organized collation of your business’s previous contract works to showcase its proven abilities.
  • Contract Registration Maintenance: Ongoing assistance in updating and renewing essential registrations like SAM, WOSB, and UEI.
  • Contract Opportunity Matchmaking: Proactive research and notification services to match your capabilities with open government solicitations.
  • Project Management Consulting: Expert recommendations on best staffing practices for successful government contract delivery.

2. StateLocal ProGov Solutions – State & Local Government Contracting Services: 🌇

  • State Business Licensing: Assistance in identifying and acquiring the necessary state business licenses to operate legally.
  • State Supplier Registration: Guidance through the process of becoming an approved vendor/supplier with state procurement departments.
  • State Certification Assistance: Navigational help with state-level certification applications, tailored for various business designations (e.g., minority-owned, women-owned).
  • State Contract Database Registration: Facilitation in registering on state-specific platforms to access local contracting opportunities.
  • Local Supplier Integration: Hands-on help in registering as a recognized vendor with local government entities, expanding your contract possibilities.

3. GovCertified Advantage Solutions – Certification & Consultation Services: 🌟

  • MBE Certification Consulting: Comprehensive guidance throughout the Minority Business Enterprise application process.
  • Supplier Diversity Programs: Guidance on registering with selected diversity programs from a pool of 5000 companies in the U.S.
  • 8(a), HUBZone, WOSB/EDWOSB Consulting: Detailed consultations tailored to various SBA certification programs, ensuring a smooth application journey.
  • Specialized Certifications: Targeted consulting for LGBTBE, Veteran, Disability-Owned certifications, and more.
  • SBA DSBS & Mentor-Protégé Consulting: Dedicated services to aid in the SBA Dynamic Small Business Search registration and mentorship programs.
  • WBENC Certification Assistance: A suite of services from registration, application guidance, and on-site review preparation to annual certification maintenance, and more.
  • GSA Schedule Consulting: Expert advice and application assistance to help your agency gain a GSA Schedule contract.

With TotalGov Setup Solutions, you’re not just acquiring services; you’re investing in a comprehensive transformation to make your staffing agency government contract-ready. We’re with you, every step of the way! 🚀💼


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