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Staffingpreneurs Academy

The most comprehensive program for validating, creating, launching, and scaling your profitable niche’ recruitment and staffing business

Skyrocket your recruiting and staffing business with AI. Staffingpreneurs Academy is the only implementation program of its kind that not only shows you exactly how to setup and launch your niche’ staffing business like a pro — but how to get it running, generating revenue, and earning a profit every month – all while putting people to work and helping employers build and sustain great businesses. Our advanced AI will help you setup, manage, and scale your recruiting and staffing business confidently with tools built for Staffingpreneurs like you.


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Ericka Wilson

This course was Amazing!!! Dee is very personal and knows how to connect and motivate everyone regardless of your learning style. The setup course has definitely provided me with the tools to build a solid foundation towards a Successful Staffing & Recruitment company. I'm Excited & of course Fired Up!!!


Hi, I’m Dee.

I teach recruiters, corporate employees, training school owners, business owners, and entrepreneurs the profitable action steps for starting and building a highly profitable niche’ recruitment and staffing business using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools with ease.

Anthony Allen

This course was Amazing!!! Dee is very personal and knows how to connect and motivate everyone regardless of your learning style. The setup course has definitely provided me with the tools to build a solid foundation towards a Successful Staffing & Recruitment company. I'm Excited & of course Fired Up!!!



Staffingpreneurs Academy is a right fit if you are


A corporate employee (with the heart of an entrepreneur) like a nurse (nurse entrepreneurs do amazing), recruiter, HR manager, cybersecurity professional, nurse administrator, software developer, sales associate, case manager, project manager, teacher, data analyst, c-level executive – it doesn’t matter your current job title – who is tired of being confined to a cubicle (or bedside) and fully aware you’re capable of so much more.


A new staffing business owner who has legalized a staffing business and now trying to figure out what to do next - needing brand design, technology implementation, legal contracts, full business compliance, automation, sourcing, sales, and recruiting strategies and so much more.


A staffing business owner with an already established staffing business that is generating revenue but wasn’t set up the right way. Your business is not all the way compliant; you don’t have all the right technology, systems, and processes in place and you really need some real expert direction.


An International Staffing Agency who is interested in facilitating the replication of your International Staffing Agencies’ successful recruitment and staffing business model in the US market. From legal considerations to hiring, marketing, and overall management we provide end-to-end support to ensure a seamless transition and successful establishment in the US.


High Net Worth Individual or an Investor who is ready to leverage your disposable funds to establish a profitable 7-8 figure staffing business. With our expertise in organizational design, operating model setup, and leadership and talent strategy, we can completely set-up, operate and manage for you (DYF - Done For You) at a Bespoke level - a profitable staffing business that aligns with your financial goals and maximizes your return on investment.


A budding entrepreneur who wants to start a profitable business with a systematic business model that has the potential to create generational wealth, and you want to do it the smart way with guidance, a digital course, a thriving community, and the ability to connect with an expert advisor (rather than starting any ole’ business that requires you to remain stuck in the time-for-money hustle).


A training school, trade school, Coach, or Teacher who’s reached your ceiling and are looking to enhance the value you offer to students by helping them secure employment after graduation. You can establish a very profitable staffing agency that connect your skilled graduates with industry opportunities. By launching your own staffing agency, you can create an additional revenue source and contribute to the employability and success of your students.


A Mega Church, pastor or other faith-based organization who is looking to utilize your church members as clients and candidates for a fully functional revenue-generating staffing agency. By leveraging the existing network and talent pool within your church organization and community, we can help mega churches like yours establish and operate a staffing agency that serves both the internal church community and external community, creating employment opportunities and financial sustainability for both the church, church members, and the community as a whole.


A Publicist or Public Relations (PR) Firm looking for a creative Reputation Recovery strategy for their clients by helping them establish a niche staffing agency that supports the community. This specialized staffing agency can provide employment opportunities to individuals who may have faced challenges in their professional journey, thereby aiding in reputation restoration and demonstrating the publicist's client’s commitment to social impact.


A Hospital Healthcare Organization looking to add an in-house staffing agency arm to your existing business model. By incorporating a staffing agency within the hospital healthcare organization, hospitals can gain greater control over their workforce management, streamline recruitment processes, and enhance their ability to attract and retain top talent, ultimately improving the overall efficiency and profitability of the organization.


A (LTC) Long Term Care Facility or Home Health Facility looking to retain control over your nurse workforce while generating revenue and putting it back into your healthcare business. By setting up a staffing agency within (or adding to) your existing business model, you can continue to provide essential healthcare services while benefiting from the financial returns of their staffing agency.


A Celebrity, Influencer, or vlogger who possess a large network following and wants to capitalize on your influence by venturing into the staffing industry. By leveraging your existing audience and brand, you can establish a profitable staffing business that taps into your network, creating employment opportunities, and expanding your entrepreneurial portfolio with another 6, 7, or 8 figure generational wealth engine.


A Not-for-Profit Organization (Non-profit) who is looking to explore new avenues for revenue generation and further support your philanthropic initiatives by establishing a for-profit staffing agency that align with their mission and values. By leveraging your existing resources and networks, your non-profit organization can create employment opportunities and generate sustainable income. Through this innovative approach, your non-profit organization can diversify your funding streams and amplify your social impact.


A professional who has a large and meaningful network of people within a specific niche’ market that you can tap into at a moment’s notice by helping organizations tap into unique talent pools. Start a staffing agency that focus on placing individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, including ex-offenders, former drug users, disabled individuals, LGBTQi+ community members, veterans, the blind, minorities, interns, recent graduates, and more. When you create a specialized staffing agency, you enable these individuals to access meaningful employment opportunities while providing businesses with a diverse and talented workforce.


A professional who is beyond ready to take your life back, isn't afraid of a little hard work, and knows that there's no “right time” to get started other than right now.

Toni Johnson

The course is very detailed oriented, informative, and helps you greatly in understanding the industry, as well as, what is needed to make you and your business a success!



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I don’t have a business setup yet, but I like the idea and would like to learn more.
I have not started, but I’m ready! Or, I’ve legalized my business but that’s about it. I now need to get all of the knowledge, tools, and resources needed to launch my business, and I need to make sure I’m compliant.
I’ve legalized my business, my website is done, all branding complete, policies and procedures are in order and I’m compliant. I’m ready to start talking to talent and get my 1st contract!

Listen, you no longer need to spend countless of hours researching content, coaches, and watching hours of videos trying to figure out how to get it right?

Feel confident using the Staffingpreneurs Academy proven framework to start, setup, launch and run your very own niche’ recruitment and staffing business. Our courses and training programs are interactive, engaging, we provide a step-by-step process that is easy to understand and follow.


Are you a Staffingpreneur?

There are a number of industries and job openings all across the world. Most large staffing agencies fill the need of being everything to all. They can cover lots of niches because they have lots of resources and lots of money.

A Staffingpreneur on the other hand; fills the needs of the companies who want to build real relationships and partnerships with companies who focus on matching specific candidates with specific skillset within companies who have specific job openings.

Take a look…

Watch and read

it's all about the niche

You create the supply when you have a niche'.

Think about it. First job boards were all across the board. They serviced every open position, then they started to niche via industry (IT Job Boards, Healthcare Job Boards) and now they have niched within a niche’ i.e. Java Developer Job Boards, Healthcare Administrator Job Boards. Where do you believe the staffing industry is going? It’s already experienced the niche’ industry stage – it’s now time staffing agencies niche’ within a niche and that’s where you come in.

Take a look…

Narida Thorne

The course has really helped me flush out my ideas & structure of my business! I was set on doing a 100% non-profit and now I am really heading toward doing an entity...


Can you imagine how employers feel when they have positions open for more than 30-days because they are having a hard time filling the position, and the staffing agency that they’re using, is taking just as much time to fill the position that they’re looking to fill?

Now imagine you coming in Staffingpreneur!

Imagine you running a “niche’ within a niche'” staffing agency where you have a pipeline of talent with a focus on two-three job titles. Imagine you beating your competition out by providing the employer with three fully screened job seekers within days or hours even. Who do you believe that employer is going to call when he has another open position like that? Who do you believe that employer is going tell his friends and colleagues about when the conversation comes up?


What's Your Niche'?

You have many options...just choose one.

Here are some of the niches’ that you can use to start your very own niche’ recruiting and staffing agency business:

Registered Nurse Niche Staffing Agency Business

IT Project Management Niche Staffing Agency Business

Cannabis / Medical Marijuana Niche Staffing Agency Business

Java Software Niche Staffing Agency Business

Mechanical Engineer Niche Staffing Agency Business

Digital Marketing Niche Staffing Agency Business

Cyber Security Niche Staffing Agency Business

Front End/UI Niche Staffing Agency Business

Embedded Software Niche Staffing Agency Business

.Net Developer Niche Staffing Agency Business

Sales & Business Development Niche Staffing Agency Business

Medical Sales Niche Staffing Agency Business

Medical Director Niche Staffing Agency Business

Health Information Tech Niche Staffing Agency Business

and many more including…

Abigail James

This is the best course I have ever taken. Thanks a million to Dee Williams, I can now take my staffing business to another level. Excellent course. 100000%



We offer Two Online course programs +

Each course program includes weekly group coaching zoom meeting, a step-by-step checklist, legal contracts, access to a private community and so much more:

The Standard Success Program

7 Step-by-step Online Courses + 3 Weekly Live Q&A Calls

Setup your staffing Business beyond the legalization and launch with ease, confidence and in compliance. Then learn how to run your business the right way.

The Accelerated Success Program

7 Step-By-Step Online Courses + 3 Weekly Live Q&A Calls + 2 Weekly Call Reviews + 7 Clinics

Setup and Launch your staffing business faster and with more support. Learn how to run and scale your business to generate a consistent revenue of 6, 7, and 8 figures yearly.

+ Done With You & Done For You Programs

7 Courses + 3 Q&A Calls + 2 Call Reviews + 7 Clinics + 1on1 & In-Person Visits with Dee Williams

We will build a custom staffing business model with you or for you to generate 7-8 figure recruiting and staffing business.

Jump in where you belong, or simply start at the beginning with the Setup Course to ensure you have a solid foundation for your business. This is the smartest investment decision you can make for you and your business today and tomorrow.


Get Fired Up! You got this Staffingpreneur!


Because by the end of this program you will have:

A fully setup and functional niche’ recruitment and staffing business along with the confidence to finally generate consistent, scalable revenue and make the lucrative leap from trading time for money to giving yourself the freedom to choose who you work with and what you focus on.

If it’s your mission to match amazing talent with great companies and you’re ready to develop creative and inspiring solutions to critical recruitment, staffing and hiring challenges - this is YOUR contribution to ending the talent shortage and the war for talent.

The Doors to Staffingpreneurs Academy Are Open!

See What Others Have To Say…

This course is the Ultimate Blue Print for anyone who is looking to start their very own staffing biz. Dee holds NOTHING BACK! She poured out all of her 20 plus years of experience into this course and much more!!!

Ayo Thomas

I finally see what the hype is about with Dee Williams. So far, so good! This course is helps you figure out your goals and pick a niche so you can have a clear target in sight with your staffing/recruitment agency. The live class is the icing on the cake. Dee is very helpful and will answer all of your questions. I'm proud to be apart of the Staffingpreneur family

Meta Davis

Purchasing the Setup Course and joining Staffingpreneurs Academy was the best decisions I could have made for my business. Before being coached by the amazing Dee Williams and joining SPA, I started out with another mentor and had my business setup already (well, at least I though I did). When it was time for me to launch I quickly realized that my business was not setup properly AT ALL. That's when I decided to reach out to Dee Williams and that was the best decision I could have made. SPA has taught me so much! The expertise and knowledge that Dee Williams possess is incredible! She taught me how to setup my business properly!

Honestly, I feel she has over delivered from what my initial expectations were before joining. EVERYTHING you need to know regarding setting up your staffing and recruitment business THE RIGHT WAY is provided to you in this course. Dee is the best coach ever! If you are on the fence about purchasing this setup course, DON'T BE! I promise it will be one of the best decisions of your life! The information she provides in this course and the FREE live calls every week are worth WAY more than the price of this course! Trust me! I KNOW! I paid triple the price for a previous mentorship and didn't get 1/4 of the knowledge that I have received in this Setup Course. I thank God for Dee Williams and for leading me to her! She has changed my life! I will be joining the Run It Course soon!

Chasity Chaney

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