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Expertise is just the beginning…

Staffingpreneurs Academy is your #1 source for learning how to conceptualize, start, setup, run, and scale your very own niche’ recruitment and staffing business.

We provide training exclusively for independent, current, and future business recruitment and staffing agency owners - Staffingpreneurs.

Online Courses: More than 100 hours of video training that walks you through the process of starting, growing and maintaining your very own niche’ recruitment and staffing agency business.

Live Workshops: Three-to-seven times a year, you can learn and engage live and in-person with Coach Dee Williams and your other Staffingpreneur peers from all over the globe. It’s a BIG deal!

On-Going Coaching: We offer weekly group coaching, and you get the support of networking with other Staffingpreneurs via our private members-only group.

1on1 Custom Coaching: We offer custom coaching with our Chief Staffingpreneur Dee Williams hourly online or directly in person. A custom plan will be created specifically for you to help get up to speed faster.

Tools & Resources: We provide all of the tools and resources you need to start, run and grow your very own niche’ recruitment and staffing agency business (no matter your niche’).

Custom Branding: We support your business by providing full recruitment and staffing agency business brand design including: Logo, Website, Stationary, Custom Website Content Development and so much more…

The Network: Surround yourself with other like-minded individuals who share the same passion and goals. Join a community of Staffingpreneurs who are fired up, making true impact while leaving a legacy - WINNING!!!

Our Story

Staffingpreneurs Academy was developed in 2013 to accommodate the growing need of professionals looking to match exceptional talent with the most amazing companies and career opportunities across the globe.

Our Mission

To develop a strong and vibrant community of professionals who are passionate about addressing workforce readiness and building a fit-for-the-future workforce using niche' recruitment and staffing Talent Communities.

Our Vision

To change the narrative around 3rd party recruitment and staffing agencies.

About — Your Trainer & Coach.

Dee Williams has more than 20+ years of recruitment and staffing experience working for and with staffing agencies, corporate businesses, as an employee, contractor, consultant, trainer, and coach. She has started and runs her very own niche’ recruitment & staffing agency business, and is humbled to be your trainer and coach.

Strategy is the key to this business, and in order for you to reach your goals, you want to learn how to start, run and grow this business the right way. Dee Williams is one of those coaches that will push you to be and do your best and to hold you accountable for what you say you want to do. Get started right now…don’t delay.

Dee Williams

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