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How to Start Staffing Agency - Staffingpreneurs Academy Setup Course - How to Set Up a Staffing Agency
Do you want to know how to start a staffing agency?
No matter your industry or niche':
Healthcare, Information Technology, Construction, Light Industrial, Government, Engineering, Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Finance, AI, HR, Administrative Support...
Dive deep into the world of staffing with our exclusive Staffingpreneurs Academy Setup Course. Every week, immerse yourself in live classes led by industry expert Dee Williams, Audacionaire, where you'll uncover the intricacies of building a thriving staffing business from the ground up. Whether you're a novice eager to break into the industry or a seasoned professional looking to refine your skills, our course is meticulously designed to equip you with the tools, strategies, and insights you need to stand out. Beyond the knowledge, you'll join a vibrant community of like-minded professionals, fostering connections that could be the next stepping stone in your career. Don't let this opportunity slip away.

To Experience The Single
Staffingpreneurs Academy
Setup Course

Elevate your staffing journey and transform your aspirations into tangible success.
The Staffingpreneurs Academy Full Coaching Program will provide you with EVERYTHING YOU NEED to get your niche' recruitment and staffing business setup, launched and running to 6, 7, and 8 figures. However, if you feel you only need the Staffing Setup Course (1 of the 8 courses included in the Staffingpreneurs Academy Full Coaching Program), this course is for you. Remember, here at Staffingpreneurs Academy, we don't just tell you what to do, we show you, we give you the resources, you then GO and DO, and afterwards, we work with you to ensure you did it, and did it correctly.
The Staffingpreneurs Academy Setup Class

The Staffing Startup Setup Course
Do It Yourself With Minimal Support

3 Reasons Why You Want To Enroll In The Single Setup Course vs The Full Staffingpreneurs Academy Coaching Program w/ 8 Courses+:

  1. I already know how to run the business, and I’m pretty much set up, but I know I am still missing a few things (mainly because my staffing business is not working right). I’m here to fill in the gaps of what I might be missing in my staffing business – the foundational stuff.

  2. I don’t have enough funds to afford the full coaching program, so I will use this as a starting point.

  3. I don’t need much support, and I already have most of my own resources.


The #1 challenge with Starting a Staffing Agency or Recruiting Business if you have never done it before is that it can be SUPER Complicated and Catastrophic if You don’t know what to do or what you’re doing. This course can help.


The Startup Staffing Agency Setup Course Comes With:

  • 1 Course: Staffing Startup Simplified System: Fast-track your launch in just 5-8 weeks, watching 14 short modules of learning and actionable steps to take right now, to set up and launch.

    • 100 Setup The Business:
      How To Setup My Niche’ Recruitment & Staffing Business Course

  • The Niche’ Overview  Playbook: You will create a comprehensive research guide for your staffing business, to help you with Client, and Candidate Acquisition. Your NOW Playbook is a collection of strategies or plays for you to create a “game plan” to achieve specific goals or handle particular situations.

  • Interactive Session: Join us weekly (Every Monday) for a live Q&A Zoom call with a group of amazing Staffingpreneurs just like you. Network, learn from, and partner with like-minded individuals.

  • Customizable Tools: Ready-to-use scripts and email templates tailored for your needs and ready for you to customize.

  • Vibrant Community: Engage, network, and collaborate with like-minded professionals.

This is a Comprehensive Course that has EVERYTHING you need to successfully Set Up and Launch Your Staffing Business.

Let’s Talk About It.


  • Business Overview: Grasp the intricacies of how the staffing business operates.

  • Business Models: Understand the Recruitment Agency and Staffing Agency business models in-depth.

  • Earn Income: Discover the revenue streams of Recruitment and Staffing Agencies.

  • Niche’ Strategy: Master the #1 strategy to grow and scale your niche recruitment and staffing business. Craft your Niche’ Overview Worksheet Playbook, your secret weapon against competitors.

  • Legal Foundations: Beyond just your LLC & EIN, understand the comprehensive legal requirements and get compliant.

  • Legal Contracts & Forms: Obtain and set up essential business contracts, learning their appropriate usage.

  • Policies & Procedures: Establish your business policies and master the art of documenting procedures.

  • Insurance: Understand the insurance prerequisites for your business and get connected with our trusted insurance resources.

  • Payroll Funding: Learn the mechanisms to pay your employees and get set up with our payroll funding resources.

  • Technology Foundations: Set up the foundational technology tools essential for day-to-day operations without revealing specific brands.

  • Brand Building: Forge your unique brand identity with a logo, website, business cards, badge, sell sheet, pricing sheet, and more.

  • Email Marketing: Setup Your Email Marketing Foundation So You Can Get Leads And Grow Your Business The Right Way
  • Social Media: Setup Your Social Media Accounts So That You Can Be Found The Right Way
  • Business Organization: Organize your physical workspace and digital assets efficiently.

  • Organizational Design: Design your internal organizational infrastructure, including business plans, org charts, employee handbooks, and more.

  • Customer Journey: Visualize and/or customize each step of your staffing business process for both candidates and clients.

  • Compliance: Dive deep into the multifaceted compliance requirements of a staffing agency, spanning various business areas.

  • Accreditations & Certifications: Set your business apart by aiming for niche and location-based accreditations and certifications.

  • Pricing & Pricing Models: Understand diverse pricing models, calculate your fees, and determine optimal charges.

  • Credentialing: Learn how to set up your credentialing systems to ensure the quality and compliance of your candidates meet government standards.

  • Sales Foundation: Establish a robust foundation to strategically secure new client contracts, ensuring consistent business growth.

  • Recruiting Foundation: Build a solid groundwork for sourcing top-tier candidates, positioning your agency as a preferred choice for talent acquisition.

  • Performance Metrics: Learn How to track and analyze key performance metrics to guide your business decisions.

  • Financials: Decode your financial reports, balancing the financial and production sides of your business.

  • Audit Launch Checklist: Stay on track with a comprehensive checklist, ensuring every step is accounted for.

Expertise from a 25+ Year Veteran:

Benefit from the vast experience of Dee Williams, Audacionaire and the Staffingpreneurs Academy team. The insights and knowledge you’ll gain are invaluable, ensuring you’re equipped for success in the staffing industry.

Let’s Talk About It.

Enroll now and shape your future startup staffing agency
with The Staffingpreneurs Academy Setup Course.

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Need Even More Support?

Check out our specialized
Staffing Clinics and Call Reviews
Accompany Your Course or Standard Coaching Program to accelerate Your Pace...

ATS Tech
(Applicant Tracking Sys)

Every Wednesday @11am pst / 2pm est (for one-hour) For 6 months you will work with Coach Dee Williams + our Expert ATS Coaches where you will deep dive into using various Applicant Tracking Systems, learn to overcome challenges, refine your skill set working with the core business technology, share success and most importantly, increase confidence.

Ads & Automation
Tech (Email, Zapier)

Every Friday @11am pst / 2pm est (for one-hour) for 6 months you will join a call where our expert Online Ads Strategist will be available to show you how to setup your online ads and work with you (as a group) to help you get your online ads up and going and generating client and candidate leads via Facebook Ads, YouTube ads, Google Ads, TikTok Ads, and/or LinkedIn Ads. In addition, if you’re looking to automate your niche’ recruitment and staffing business in a way where you don’t have to be in all places at all times, our Automation Coach is here to answer your questions.

OIF Clinic
(Ownership, Internal Hiring & Financials)

Every Tuesday @11am pst / 2pm est (for one-hour) For 6 months you will learn to overcome challenges, refine your ownership skill set, flush out your internal hiring and organizational development, gain a better understanding of your company’s financials, performance metrics, and most importantly, increase confidence.

I’m Launching Clinic

Every Thursday @4pm pst / 7pm est (for one-hour) For 6 months you will work with Coach Dee Williams + Various Expert Guests where you will gain more help and support to refine your launching strategy, tie it into your sales and talent acquisition strategies, launch successfully, and most importantly, increase your confidence around launching your niche' recruitment and staffing business successfully and in compliance.

I’m Selling Solutions Clinic

Every Thursday @11am pst / 2pm est (for one-hour) For 6 months you will learn to create and flush out a very defined sales and business development process to get a clear direction on your sales approach. Define the value proposition that you offer to the marketplace, acquiring clients, getting appointments, sales conversations, identify how to approach clients and specify what your expectations are, the differentiations of your firm, overcome challenges, refine your sales skill set, share success and most importantly, increase revenue and confidence.

I’m Sourcing Clinic

Every Wednesday @2pm pst / 5pm est (for one-hour) For 6 months you will work with Coach Dee Williams + our expert Sourcing Coach where you will take your sourcing game to the next level. You will work on high-level sourcing strategies to find candidates, attract top talent, create and implement a winning sourcing strategy, learn the latest Boolean strings and the hottest google chrome tools in the market, overcoming challenges, refining your recruiting skill set, sharing successes and most importantly, increasing confidence.

Call Review

Every Tuesday @ 8am pst / 11am EST for 60-minutes For 6 months in a virtual group setting, you will work with our expert Staffing Sales Coach(s) to provide real-time, deal-specific sales coaching where we will review your staffing sales calls to help with better lead generation, to work out a particular part of your existing sales approach, make tweaks to a specific part of your process or to simply gain a better understanding of where your sales call went south - this is the place to get the answers you need.

I’m Recruiting Clinic

Every Tuesday @3pm pst / 6pm est (for one-hour) for 6 months you will work with Coach Dee Williams + our expert Staffing Recruiting Coach where you will brush up on skills relating to influencing candidates to take a listen to the job you’re presenting, mastering the art of modern, technology-based recruiting, assessing candidate qualities and building strong business relationships with candidates. You will overcome challenges, refine your recruiting skill set, share success and most importantly, increase confidence.

Call Review

Join us Every Thursday @ 8am pst / 11am EST for 6 months in a virtual group setting, you will attend a dynamic, high-energy Recruiting Call Review where we provide real-time, candidate-specific recruiting coaching sessions that are built to help you stay focused as you pipeline, screen, and recruit new candidates for your business. You will bring your recruiting calls to be reviewed and analyzed by an expert Recruiting Coach to keep you energized, focused and productive with constant affirmations, encouragement and discipline.

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