Master Service Agreement Template – Staffing Agency Contract Template (Single Edible Document)


Elevate Your Staffing Agency with our
Editable Staffing Agency Contract –
Master Staffing Service Agreement Template

(Healthcare & Non-Healthcare)

Starting a staffing agency requires having rock-solid contracts in place. Our customizable Master Service Agreement empowers you to rapidly onboard new clients and make direct hire placements smoothly. With this complete, ready-to-go staffing agency contract template pdf and edible Word doc, you can establish clear mutually beneficial terms and hit the ground running. Just plug in your agency details and get client signatures for air-tight alignment.

Stop reinventing the wheel trying to DIY staffing agency contracts and forms. Our polished Master Service Agreement template empowers your staffing agency to seal deals with new accounts, make compliant placements, and generate revenue faster.

Give your startup a leg up on the competition. Download this ready-to-go staffing agency contract with client template now!


Leap Ahead of the Competition with our Downloadable
Staffing Agency Contract Master Staffing Service Agreement (Healthcare & Non-Healthcare)


As an aspiring staffingpreneur, sealing deals with new clients is pivotal to generating momentum. Having a rock-solid Master Service Agreement in place allows you to rapidly onboard accounts, align expectations, and avoid obstacles down the road.

Our customizable, comprehensive staffing agency contract template pdf empowers you to quickly establish optimal terms with new clients and make direct hire placements without hassle.

Just plug your staffing agency’s details into our polished template, get signatures, and hit the ground running with a mutually beneficial foundation in place.

Attorney-Reviewed MSA Protects Your Interests

This ready-to-go staffing agency contract with client template covers all key aspects of the engagement, including:

  • Clearly defining the precise staffing services and solutions to be provided based on the client’s needs
  • Outlining appropriate compensation models, billing practices, and payment terms
  • Delineating independent contractor (1099) and W-2 employee classification and compliance
  • Setting communication protocols and main contact points at both organizations
  • Safeguarding sensitive information and restricting non-solicitation of staff
  • Handling insurance requirements, indemnification, limitations of liability
  • Establishing an effective dispute resolution process
  • Allowing additional Statements of Work (SOWs) to be conveniently appended

With our template, you don’t have to start from scratch or rely on DIY online staffing agency contracts and forms which, may not hold up legally.

We’ve done the work for you by creating a comprehensive Master Service Agreement, aligned to industry best practices, that establishes a fair, compliant, and mutually beneficial engagement between your staffing agency and clients.

Onboard Clients Faster, Make Placements Smoother

Rather than fumbling with trying to craft agreements yourself or waiting on your legal team, our template empowers you to get signature-ready quickly. This means you can respond promptly to prospective clients, lock down deals faster, and accelerate your agency’s revenue.

New client contracts are essential legal documents for any staffing agency – don’t leave things open to interpretation. Communicate clearly upfront and get alignment with our expertly crafted Master Service Agreement template.

Give your staffing agency a head start on the competition by downloading this ready-to-go staffing agency contract with client template today!


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